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Sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets

Strong magnetic property,good magnetic demagnetization resistance,and extensively aspects such as electronic ......


Welcome toPhone In Mag-Electronics

Phone In Mag-Electronics Co., Ltd. was founded in 1989, has mainly engaged in magnet materials. Owing to our staff’s efforts and great leadership, our service networking across continents, have established our factories and sales points in Taiwan , China , USA, and Germany widely expanding our magnet business.

Phone In Mag-Electronics Co., Ltd. provide excellent quality, most competitive quotation, and prompt delivery, advanced magnet properties and R&D technique, and also have ability of automatically magnet assemblies. Up to now, we are leader magnet vendor across wide range of smart phones, tablets, and laptops. And our magnetic qualities also reach the world ' s advanced level already.


  • Phone In Mag-Electronics Co., Ltd. (Taipei head office)
  • Xinyang Yen Sonic Technology Co.,Ltd. (XinYang factory)
  • Phone In Mag-Electronics Factory (DongGuan factory)
  • Ningbo J.V Technology Co., Ltd. (NingBo factory)
  • Suzhou Yen Googol Electronics Co., Ltd. (SuZhou office)
  • Phone In Mag-Electronics Co., Ltd. (HongKong office)
  • Phone In Mag-Electronics Co., Ltd. (ChengDu office)
  • Lodestar Magnets and Electronic (San Francisco office, USA)


Our magnetic properties can be categorized into certain four types, which are rare-earth magnets, ferrite magnets, rubber magnets and plastic magnets. And each contains sintered Nd-Fe-B magnets, bonded Nd-Fe-B magnets, Ferrite magnets(isotropic/ anisotropic), Sm-Co magnets, Al-Ni-Co magnets, injestion plastic magnets, and rubber magnets, which are widely used in smart phones, tablets, speakers, vibrating motors, voice coil motors, liner motors, hand machine tools, computer accessories,etc., especially in magnetic assemblies (adding shunt, aluminium, diaphragm, PSA, and AB glue). We also have expertise in mass production automatically and manufacture our products in clean workplaces, in order to achieve best quality results. Our procurement policy is to prohibit the procurement and use of materials from 3TG refineries and refineries that have not been independently audited and approved by third parties.


In the highly competitive global market, we are still progressing and advancing steadily.

Our factories and sales points are mostly around China, South China, and Central China.

By following our mission to serve and support our customers, we set our offices in Hong Kong,

Chengdu, San Francisco and Frankfurt. Indeed, not only in China, we are also expanding our service and sales networking to Taiwan,

Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and Canada,etc. Applying for rich networking information, and offering quickly sales services,

we expect to grow and develop our business more widely in the global market.

Based on development, progress, and creative profits with customers, and underlying principles of sincerity, we provide not just magnetic materials.

Phone-in Mag-Electronics Co., Ltd. continues to advance and update in the field of magnetic business,

and furnish our customers with the integrated information and services, and creates the most valuable products to our customers.


PHONE IN MAG-ELECTRONICS CO., LTD. (Taipei Head Office)                        
2FL-6, No. 20, Lane 609, Sec. 5, Chongxin Rd., Sanchong District, New Taipei City, Taiwan (24159)                        
TEL : +886-2-22787257                        
FAX : +886-2-22787274                        
Mobile : +886-928218121                       
Sales Contact : vivian_tai@phonein.com.tw

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